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Salchichon con nueces
Made with the finest pork meat, special blend of spices and served with chopped nuts.
sabor autentico

Salchichon con nueces
Ingredients: Lean and bacon, nuts (10%), salt, milk powder, lactose, dextrose, glucose syrup, soy protein, spices, emulsifier (sodium tripolyphosphate), acidity (Glucono-delta-lactone), flavor enhancer (Glucotamato MSG), antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), preservatives (sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate) and coloring (Carmine Cochineal).
Nutritional information (100 g)
Calories 406 Kcal
1682 Kj
Fat 33,1 g
Saturated Fatty Acids 10,95 g
Carbohydrates 1,3 g
Sugars 1,3 g
Proteins 25,6 g
Salt 3,70 g
Sin Gluten
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